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Dr. Corbin is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Beverly Hills, California. If you are considering nose surgery, this site will give you a basic understanding of rhinoplasty. So that you can determine whether nose surgery is for you, we offer you a complimentary consultation with Dr. Corbin. You will receive a complete evaluation, a computer simulation of your potential post-operative look and have all of your questions answered.

rhinoplasty patientOnce the operative plan is determined, there are several new techniques developed to accomplish it. In our office, Dr. Corbin developed what he calls the closed-open technique. Rather than make a scar across the bottom of the columella like many surgeons use with the open technique, we keep our incisions hidden on the inside of the nose to be readily seen and adjusted.

This new rhinoplasty technique leaves the patient with a natural looking nose and no visible scars.

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Dr. Corbin's Newsletter - Is experience all that it is cracked up to be?

What does twenty years or more of experience in surgery mean to a plastic surgeon and his patients?

By Elise Brooks, Nip Tuck News Staff writer
May, 2010

Almost anyone who wants to be the best at anything has to spend hours practicing and perfecting their skills. I had the pleasure of interviewing Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Frederic Corbin, to get his take on being a plastic surgeon with over 25 years

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Individual patient nose cosmetic surgery results vary from patient to patient. We do not guarantee that any patients surgery results will look like any photos in this gallery, in our photo books or website.