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Getting the most out of your consultation

For many patients seeing a plastic surgeon for an elective procedure can create anxiety and nervousness. Generally patients have a lot of questions and concerns on their minds. Many of today's patients have done some research and have a basic understanding of their desired surgical outcome. The first step to a good post operative result is consulting with a reputable, experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

The reality of a plastic surgery consultation with a good plastic surgeon is that they are often the busiest. Sometimes in a busy surgeons office like Dr. Corbin's some patients patients get nervous and forget to ask the right questions. Also, seeing a well known plastic surgeon can sometimes be a little intimidating for a first time patient. In a busy plastic surgery office you may have less time with the surgeon so getting the most out of this time is important.

The first step towards a good appointment is for patients to get more involved and prepare themselves before their consultation. Get directions and or a map to Dr. Corbin's office. Ask about parking. If you are late for your appointment you may not be seen or you may have a shorter appointment. Write down your main questions, and write down any medications or drugs you are currently taking or are allergic to. If you are a redo of another doctor's surgery have photos and records from that surgery. Find out ahead of time if there is a fee for your consultation and if you are serious about booking surgery with Dr. Corbin be prepared a head of time with possible surgery dates and a surgical deposit to hold your date. In order to avoid disappointment and secure their surgery date with Dr. Corbin some patients book surgery ahead of time with the office before their consultation.

In addition to preparing yourself ahead of time, here are some other tips that you can print out.

  • Take notes during your consultation. You do not have to write everything down only the key information so you can review it later.
  • Take time to understand what Dr. Corbin is explaining. Sometimes patients hear only what they want to hear and they do not actually understand what the surgeon is saying. If you are feeling overwhelmed, slow the conversation down a bit. If you do not understand ask for an explanation.
  • Educate the surgeon on you. Share with Dr. Corbin your expectations and surgical goals. Educating Dr. Corbin on what you want is as important as him educating you on the surgery, the risks and if your surgical expectations are realistic.
  • Always be upfront. Do not withhold any information that may affect your treatment or surgery. Weather it is serious issue or minor it may affect your result.
  • Share medication, drugs or anything you are allergic to with the Dr. Or Nurse doing your history and physical.
  • Understand the costs involved for your plastic surgery procedure. For Most patients the financial part of surgery is of concern. Take time to budget and plan for the cosmetic surgery you will benefit from. Do not cut corners on Quality and Safety and only worry about the cheapest price out there. You may end up paying more in the long run if you are unhappy with your surgery result. If you need to save a little longer, get more credit on your charge card or apply for additional financing do whatever you can to get the best surgeon you can afford. When it comes to your face, body and safety you deserve the best!
  • Call the office if you think of questions or concerns after your consultation. The office staff is always happy to educate patients further on their options and Dr. Corbin's recommendations for surgery.
  • Build a relationship with your surgeon and the office staff. Dr. Corbin takes pride in preparing his surgery patients about their surgery as well as educating them on realistic surgery results and post op care and recovery.

Remember be prepared. Being a good patient is a benefit to you and Dr. Corbin. Our office is always just a phone call away should you have any questions or concerns before or after your consultation appointment. Communication is key in our doctor patient relationship with you. Enjoy your consultation. It is our pleasure to get to know you.

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