Ethnic Noses

In our practice Dr. Corbin caters to all ethnic backgrounds. Because of the many nasal shapes, skin types and individual patients needs, Dr. Corbin tailors his surgery to fit the patient.

African American Patients

Afro-American patients frequently have a very flat dorsum associated with a wide, low poorly projecting tip and thick skin. Surgery is directed to elevate the dorsum, narrow and project the tip and reduce the width of the ala. Frequently cartilage is used from the septum or the ear to build up the dorsum or project the tip. Implants may also be used.

Hispanic Patients

Hispanic patients frequently have a weak broad drooping tip that may be associated with a dorsal hump. Surgery is directed to elevate and narrow the tip while removing the bump.

Mediterranian Patients

Mediterranian patient’s (those of Jewish, Persian, Italian or Greek heritage) may have a dorsal hump and a drooping tip. The skin may be thick or thin. Surgery is directed to elevate and narrow the tip while lowering and narrowing the dorsum. Care is always taken in these patient’s to maintain the nasal airway while improving the appearance of the nose.

Asian Patients

If the dorsum or bridge of the nose needs to be built up as in most Asian patients Dr. Corbin tries to use their own tissues. These tissues are taken from the patients’ septum and used to build up the dorsum or modify and enhance the tip. In rare instances where there is no tissue available from the septum, tissue can be taken from the ear or scalp and used for the same purpose. Nasal implants may also be used.

Nasal Implants

Nasal implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the individual needs of each patient, nasal implants made of silicone or gortex can be used to reshape or give more prominence to the appearance of the nose.
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Individual patient nose cosmetic surgery results vary from patient to patient. We do not guarantee that any patients surgery results will look like any photos in this gallery, in our photo books or website.