Realistic Expectations

The appearance of your nose can be improved, but be realistic about the final result. Plastic surgery can improve your appearance and improve your self-esteem, but happiness is up to you. Emotional stability is an important factor in being a good patient. Consider your reasons for wanting plastic surgery.

Computers can help you project your future look

Modern devices and techniques are revolutionizing nasal surgery and allowing the surgeon to predictably change the nasal contour and even allow the patient an opportunity to get a very good idea of how they might look without even undergoing surgery.

After the patient's history and physical, Dr. Corbin can take their photos with a digital camera. These photos are then downloaded onto a computer and using a special program developed for plastic surgeons the photos are digitally enhanced. The computer simulation allows the patient and surgeon to communicate about accomplishing a result that will make the patient happy. Though the surgeon cannot guarantee the final result, he and the patient can certainly form a similar idea as to what the patient wants to accomplish with nose surgery and unrealistic excepectations can be ameliorated.

This new knowledge helps relieve patient's anxiety over how they are going to look after having their nose operated on.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is key! One of the most important details of nose surgery is the patients and surgeons ability to communicate. The computer is a useful tool to provide a visual image and the individual's verbal skills provide a description of patient expectations as well as the surgeon's operative plan.

The new look

Patients should give themselves some time to adjust to their new and improved look. Sometimes following a surgery a friend or family member may comment or not notice a major change. Patients should not be influenced by others opinions of their new look. If the patient is happy with the way their nose looks this is the most important opinion.

Sometimes it is the highest form of a compliment if the nose job is not obvious to others; this means that the nose suits the patients face and looks natural.

The end result and amount of overall change depends on the extent of the corrective work done to the structure of the nose and the skin. The more disfigured the nose is to start with the more dramatic the post op result will be.

If a patient has subtle corrections made like a bump removed or a tip projected the post op result may be natural and less dramatic.

A beautiful result should create balance and harmony with the patient's facial features.
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Individual patient nose cosmetic surgery results vary from patient to patient. We do not guarantee that any patients surgery results will look like any photos in this gallery, in our photo books or website.