Nose Surgery FAQ

1. Q. At what age can a person have a nose job?
A. Patients usually request nasal surgery at age sixteen - surgery can be performed earlier but usually only for severe deformities.

2. Q. Will my insurance pay for my nasal surgery?
A. Insurance may cover reconstructive procedures such as a deviated septum causing breathing problems or to correct enlarged turbinates but insurance does not cover a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

3. Q. Can I finance my surgery?
A. Yes. Our office offers many different financing options with small monthly payments. We also accept all major charge cards. Nasal surgery can now be affordable for almost everyone.

4. Q. If my nose is crooked can Dr. Corbin straighten it?
A. A crooked nose is one of the most difficult problems in nasal surgery. Most deviations can be corrected but many times the whole face may not be symmetrical in which case the nose may always seem crocked even if it is straight relative to the face.

5. Q. Where will my surgery be performed?
A. Surgery can be performed in a hospital operating room or an outpatient surgery center.

6. Q. What are the risks of nasal surgery?
A. Though complications with nasal surgery are unusual they can occur. Bleeding and infection can be associated with any surgical procedure and they can certainly occur with a rhinoplasty. The biggest complaint though is not accomplishing the result that the patient desired necessitating more surgery. That is why finding a surgeon accomplished in nasal surgery is so important.

7. Q. How long should I take off of work?
A. The amount of time taken from work may be a function of the type of work that a patient performs. If the job requires minimal physical activity the patient could be back to work within a week. If the work is more strenuous, more time may be needed before returning to work.

8. Q. What should I do to prepare for nasal surgery?
A. At least two weeks prior to surgery you should stop taking aspirin products, ibuprofens, herbal medications or diet pills. You should also eat lightly the night before surgery and not drink alcohol. You should also have all your prescriptions that you would need after surgery purchased and make sure someone is available to be with you after surgery. Also a pre surgical vitamin program developed by our office is helpful in preparing the body for surgery.

9. Q. Who will be administering my anesthesia?
A. Anesthesia will be administered by a board certified anesthesiologist. We only use medical Doctors.

10. Q. Will there be a visible scar?
A. No unless the ala need to be narrowed. All of my incisions are kept inside the nose even on redo operations. If the nasal ala need to be narrowed, there may be a visible scar though this area generally heal very well.

11. Q. Does Dr. Corbin have to break my nose?
A. If the patient has a large dorsal hump or the nose is wide, it may be necessary to fracture the nose. This will be discussed prior to surgery.

12. Q. Will my nose be packed after surgery?
A. I generally do not pack the nose as many patients find this very uncomfortable. However, if there is a lot of bleeding at the time of surgery or I feel the patient may experience a bleed after surgery if the nose is not packed, I will pack the nose.

13. Q. Will I be bruised?
A. There may be some bruising following surgery particularly if the nose is fractured. This usually resolves within a week.

14. Q. How long will I be swollen?
A. Obvious swelling usually exists for one or two weeks but more subtle swelling may persist for up to six months.

15. Q. Can I wear glasses after nasal surgery?
A. Immediately following surgery it would be a good idea to avoid resting anything on your nose. Many times the glasses can be modified to rest on the cheek and therefore they can be worn.

16. Q. Does Dr. Corbin perform nose revisions?
A. I frequently do nasal revisions. They can be one of the more challenging aspects of cosmetic surgery but one of the most rewarding.
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