After The Surgery

Immediately after the procedure the nose is covered with a plastic splint and tape. If Septal surgery has been performed sylastic sheets or packing are inserted to protect the nasal septum. Generally the splint stays on for 5 to 7 days to protect the nose, help reduce swelling, as well as to maintain the new shape of the nose. The sylastic sheets or packing is removed at the same time the splint is.


After the surgery there may be some pain. Most patients find that the discomfort is easily managed with the prescribed pain medication. The patient will have to keep their head elevated for the first 5 days post op. To reduce bruising and swelling our special vitamin supplements may be taken before as well as after surgery. In Addition, cold compresses may be applied to the nose and the areas around it.

One Week After Surgery

At Your postoperative appointment, Dr. Corbin removes the splint, packing or stylistic sheets inside the nose. Further post op instructions may be given at this time. Activities that raise blood pressure, such as swimming, running, working out, and even bending should be avoided for the first few weeks. If there is any bruising it will fade until it disappears. Subtle swelling of the nose will subside gradually.

Patients see a more aesthetically pleasing nose immediately after the splint is removed. However, a patient should not expect to be totally healed one week after surgery. Normal healing is a gradual process, which may take some time. The optimum appearance of the nose may not be apparent for weeks or even months.

Returning To Work

Generally, a patient can return to work one week following nose surgery. The decision to start work depends on the individual.

Dr. Corbin combines his artistic and surgical talent to give each patient a result that enhances his or her unique and individual look.

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