Rhinoplasty Patient Testimonials

Rhinoplasty patient with deviated septum talks about her experience with Beverly Hills, California plastic surgeon Dr. Corbin. Includes the procedure, anesthesia, and recovery process.

Patient Testimonial - rhinoplasty surgery

To Dr. Corbin and your wonderful staff, I just want to say thank you so much for being so wonderful, talented and making me feel totally comfortable at my pre ops and the day of both of my surgery’s with you. I had my breasts augmentation done on 4/28/05. I was so happy with how beautiful my breasts looked that I came back on 5/31/06 for my rhinoplasty surgery with you.

I was so nervous about my nose job because I have seen some pretty bad nose jobs, but I am VERY happy with my new nose you created. It was well worth it. You and your staff were so helpful, friendly and informative. I just want to thank you all for taking such great care of me. I’ve always hated my nose and especially hated it in pictures, but now I love my nose and love to show it off in photos.

Even as early as three weeks after surgery I felt great and could see a beautiful new nose. Thanks again for everything you are an amazing plastic surgeon and artist.

Monique S.

Dear Corinne

Of course i will give you my testimonial! Dr.Corbin has given me the nose i should have been born with. My first nose job which i had in London England with a reputed surgeon was a disaster as far as i was concerned. In photographs i could see this deep shadow on either side of the septum and this distressed me even more.

I waited one year before i flew to Los Angeles to see Dr. Corbin. He and his staff were brilliant. My results are amazing and has made all the difference to my well being. The man is a genius.

I'm a Hispanic female in my late 30's I had a wide hooknose with thick skin, which I wanted to change for along time.

I've seen Dr. Corbin's work and decided he was the one who would do my surgery, I had My surgery and was so happy! The hook was gone.

I don't look like I've had a Rhinoplasty; it looks so natural, when I look back at photos I wish I had done it years ago. People can't believe that I've had my nose done I've sent Dr. Corbin eight patients since. He's the only Doctor that will ever touch me. His staff is excellent, very professional knowledgeable and friendly.

Thank you Dr. Corbin for my new nose, you did a great job!


Alicia Enriquez

Female re-do rhinoplasty patient testimonial

I initially had my nose done by another surgeon. Unfortunately the first surgery did not go very well. Right after my first nose surgery I got an infection. A while after, my nose caved in on the right side and curved over making it crooked and hard to breath through.

A few months after the surgery I went back to the ENT surgeon in Beverly Hills who did my nose. I showed him my nose and asked him what he recommended. First he told me that I was a beautiful woman and he recommended not doing anything to my nose, but maybe I should take a small amount of fat out from my lower eyes. When I persisted and told him that I was very unhappy with the outcome of my nose surgery and I wanted him to correct it he told me that he did not do re-dos , but he would refer me to another Dr. who specializes in nose revisions.

The second Dr. wanted to charge me $7000.00 to correct what the first Doctor did. I felt that this was unfair and I decided that I could afford to choose my own surgeon to revise my nose.

After a few different consultations, I decided to have Dr. Corbin fix my nose. Dr. Corbin took cartilage from my right ear to fill in the defect on the right side of my nose. He also narrowed my nose by cutting out wedges at the base. Dr. Corbin straightened my nose and gave my nose a prettier shape.

Dr. Corbin was very straightforward and informative. Before my surgery he showed me on the computer what he could do for me surgically. My nose actually came out better than the computer image. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Corbin his staff. Since my nose surgery I have had other surgeries with Dr. Corbin and I also referred my mom and many friends to him as well. I love the nose Dr. Corbin created for me! I wish I had come to him in the first place!

Dr. Corbin is the Best.

Asian Rhinoplasty Testimonial

"It's been a month since my rhinoplasty procedure and I LOVE the way my new nose looks! I wasn't terribly dissatisfied with my original nose, but like most Asians the bridge was somewhat low.

After Dr. Corbin raised my bridge and defined the tip, I feel that my new nose enhances the entire shape of my face by making it look narrower and longer. I also like my profile a lot better. It's so natural that nobody outside my family can tell that I had anything done, although most of them do make comments like, " You look so well rested" or " Did you lose weight?"

My family, who was very hesitant about the procedure, thinks I look a lot better too. I myself was also extremely nervous, but Dr. Corbin's' staff was very caring and patient in telling me everything I needed to know.

Before my surgery, I consulted with eight other Doctors. I decided on Dr. Corbin because I think he is very experienced and precise. He knows what he is doing, and I really like what he did with my nose.

Samantha C

Male rhinoplasty Internet testimonial

"My Name is David C and I was 18 years old when I finally decided to have my nose done. I found Dr. Corbin through the Internet and was completely amazed with his credentials and experience. After consulting with several surgeons, I decided to have Dr. Corbin perform my surgery.

Dr. Corbin's work on my nose has completely changed my life in the best ways possible. I now have a very high self-esteem and am very confident. Dr. Corbin's technique has left no scars on my nose what so ever! My nose has a totally natural look to it, and none of my friends or family could guess I had anything done.

I HIGHLY RECCOMEND DR. CORBIN to anyone considering this procedure!"

Male rhinoplasty testimonial

This is a thank you card from a male rhinoplasty patient sent to Dr. Corbin.

"Dr. Corbin-

I wanted to send you a note of thanks, thank you! From the moment you received my letter, and phoned me, I felt like I was in the right hands. Dr. Corbin you not only are brilliant with your mind and with your skillful hands, but also with your heart and compassion. You walked me through my nose process giving me your time and answering everything I threw at you. Dr. you are a great Dr. and a wonderful person.

The meetings that I had with you always teach me a lesson in life. Making me wiser when I leave your office. Thank you and the wonderful people in your office for helping me through my situation. Thanks from my heart. I respect you very much.

Thank you
Sincerely. Dean O.

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